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I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

Nair and waxing only keeps it off for about 2 days, then it grows back just as full and thick. I tried electrolisis but that didn't work either. What do I do?

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

Okay this is happening to me too. My doctor said it could because I may have ovarian cysts (I have a irregular period too). So if you have a irregular period, have sharp cramps, have gained a lil' weight, this may be because of ovarian cysts. ALSO Ovarian Cysts sometimes mess up the hormonal balance, which can lead to hair growth. Go to the doctor so they can treat it if that is the case. (Don't worry, you won't die from ovarian cysts)

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

I don't know how old you are, but it could be possible that it is your going through menopause ( not always the case when your younger) but see your doctor, they do have hormone therapy that can control the growth of hair (you did not specify if you were male or female either)

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

You've probably got cycles of hair growing. Try shaving for a week, then waxing. See if you notice a difference. You're still going to have to pluck or wax, but maybe not all the time.

You can bleach the hairs, but the bleach can bleach your skin too. :(

If you are considering laser treatment (which I suspect everyone on here will recommend), look into it carefully. It is not much different from electrolysis and people say you get what you pay for. So be careful.

Good luck! :)

(P.S. I also had electrolysis - it didn't work. And they say that some people are "immune" to the laser treatments.)

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

it sounds like a hormonal imbalance. if you are in menopause, facial hair is one of the signs. either ask your doctor about hormone replacement therapy or twease every day. I'm surprised electrolisys didn't work. that's supposed to kill the follicle that makes the hair.

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

This is probably as a result of high testosterone levels. That's the hormone that gives males a deep voice, facial hair and many other features. All women have testosterone, usually without side effects. If I were you I would pluck with tweezers when necessary. If there is too much for this to be an option then visit the doc for a complete hormonal work up, via simple blood test. This may show that you do have excessive testosterone, which is easily treated. Excessive facial hair is also a symptom of Poly Cystic Ovary DIsease (PCOD). Let the doc tell you, that'swhat they're paid for!

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

There is an option for you - laser hair removal. I work for a plastic surgeon and do this procedure every day. The approximate cost for jaw and chin area is $ 600-900 (6 tx's).

I want to be realistic with you. First, it takes about 2 years. Second, you cannot wax, tweeze or use depilatory creams in bettween the treatments, only shaving. On the face you may have to shave twice a day. The bad thing about laser hair removal is that about 20-30% of all people are nonresponders. This is very scary because when you start shaving every day between your treatments hair on your jaw line and chin may get really thick, like a beard and if you turn out to be nonresponder, you are stuck shaving every day for the rest of your life. When you go to a place where they do laser hair removal, they will never ever tell you that there is such thing as nonresponders, its a big taboo. They will make all these big promises to you, but you have to be aware of everything. Also if you decide to go thru with this, ask the tech to doublepass the area. And if you want to compeletely cover your butt go to the dermatology clinic for this procedure. If it does not work the derm will prescribe some meds for you.

I noticed that in US there are a lot of hairy women, that has something to do with the diet, there are hormones in everything. I am from France and doctors there believe that all hair growth on women's faces if caused by hormonal imbalance. They prescribe anti-androgens to women who have coarse hair on their face. Ask your doctor if she/he can give you a prescription for anti-androgens.

Good luck to you!

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

I have this problem too and its due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have really high testosterone levels and it causes facial hair and my periods to stop. Since I found out the doctor put me on the pill to regulate my cycles and spironolactone, to decrease hair growth. I've had awesome results with it. Talk to your doctor...there are several options for this.

I get thick black hair on my chin and jawline?

As other people have mentioned, there is a very common disorder in women called "Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome", or PCOS for of the main symptoms is excessive hair growth, such as on the chin and jawline.

Other symptoms are irregular periods, acne, weight gain, depression etc., but you can still have PCOS without having all the symptoms, even just one or two symptoms.

Hairiness is usually caused by an excess of male hormones (perhaps caused by PCOS) so it's best to go along to the Doctor and have your hormone levels checked.

DO NOT let the Dr not take this seriously....they have to look into it, don't feel embarrassed or anything, it's a symptom of something else being wrong with your body so you have a right to have it looked into. There are lots of different treatments for PCOS or other hormone imbalances so don't worry, just see if you can get some test done and get it sorted out. It's easier to solve the underlying problem than to tackle the hair, as waxing etc doesn't work miracles...sadly....

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